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Collaborate with the spirits of the forest and prepares the best habitat through the seasons. Defend the forest from threats and together bring balance to nature.

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Hitodama is a story that is being written and polished with great care and detail, we want to create a universe around the narrative and express some passages of the story through games. 

This first episode will be the story of how the guardian spirits arrived in the world and were entrusted with the care of the forests and their relationship with nature and the seasons. The first challenge of this first episode is to rid the woods of the region of a growing and crushing darkness in which we must work as a team to calm the menace that threatens the forest.

This first game is dedicated to be a game designed for children to indirectly teach them the importance of taking care of the forests and the beauty of nature, and of course, the game does not forget the enjoyment of adults. 

Welcome to this first chapter and join the community to learn more about what we'll be working on!

"It is wonderful how it has created a game with so much passion and so much care in the boardgame studio."

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