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Become the most destructive scientist and have fun winning the Nobel Prize in this chaotic card game.

Art: Arthyeu

DOXA is the first game with which it all started, it was the Mexican game that was funded in less than 40 hours, it was the best top 3 game in Mexico in 2019 competing with games of all kinds, from Eurogames to party games.
Being a party game its dynamic is chaotic and disastrous, but SO much fun. It was so successful that our games sold 100%, and we released in appreciation the Comic of the game.

Now we think it's time to release a second edition but with touches of improvement in terms of instructive and more easily recognizable components.

We invite you to keep an eye on this beautiful, successful, and first game called DOXA. The best teacher we had to improve in EVERY aspect of game design. 

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Game designer: Adrián Luzarreta

"I've tried a lot of indie games and they don't excite me much, but DOXA is an exception, what we have here is a hidden gem." - Oswaldo del arco (Carcassonne Champion) -

"It is extremely fun and chaotic, if you like fast and explosive games, this game is for you." - Enki Alexander -


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